Our vision is to create a community of wellness and resources for those living with chronic conditions that threaten mobility and independence.  


Attitude is everything when dealing with a chronic condition. Our practitioners bring unique skills and perspectives to create a climate of wellness and support. As a team, our providers, volunteers and participants at the NeuroBalance Center provide a nurturing environment where clients inspire and support one another.

Improved physical well-being is key for a life that is personally rewarding. Regardless of the physical challenges from neuromuscular, auto-immune or other chronic conditions, being active means staying active.


We bring together independent practitioners who have combined their personal experiences and professional expertise to develop a uniquely flexible and caring approach to working with each individual and their unique needs. Click here to meet the Team.


Our award-winning fitness programs are designed to reduce fatigue and improve balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and range of motion. Offered in both standing and seated versions, our group exercise classes are challenging without being exhausting. Click here to learn more about our Group Fitness Programs.