By Joy Wagner, RN and Founder, fitMS NeuroBalance Center

At fitMS NeuroBalance Center we believe that “we are what we eat” and “we are what our food eats.” That’s why an anti-inflammatory diet is key to optimal health and that this concept does NOT mean a one size fits all diet.

It’s important to determine which foods YOU need to eliminate from your diet. Each of us is unique when it comes to foods, supplements, medications that work for us. My food sensitivity tests revealed some expected culprits and some complete surprises. Eliminating the major ones on my list was life changing for me – eliminating my asthma attacks completely and improving all the digestive symptoms I have suffered with for years.

If you are interested in suggestions for improving your diet, check out all the information on our website about an anti-inflammatory diet and medicinal spices. In addition, the Center offers nutritional counseling, food sensitivity/allergy testing and counseling, weight loss management and disease management counseling.
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The article (see link below) is a great example of the profound impact diet has on all people and especially those with inflammatory health conditions. I do not support the suggestion in this article that MS patients don’t need their disease modifying medications if they change their diet and feel better; please consult your healthcare professional before discontinuing any prescribed medications.

Please also remember that supplements should be discussed, as well, because everything you swallow impacts your health – “Natural,” “Plant Based,” “Organic,” “Raw” and many other buzz words we see on labels, do NOT guarantee they are safe or beneficial for everyone.

Work as a team with your Doctors. Get on and stay on treatment. Eat healthier, exercise, get enough sleep. Learn how to manage your stress. Surround yourself with positive people. Stay informed!